Welcome to Anima Creative Kinesiology and Shiatsu


A warm Welcome to all with Heart, to all who care, to all who are touched by Beauty and who wish to make a difference. Welcome, you Seekers, Wanderers, Sensitives, Intuitives, Creatives and Dreamers, of all ages and from all walks of life.

I am Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink. I support sensitive, intuitive people like yourself when you feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed and help you to find your way forward again.


When people come to see me, they often are
• feeling restless, aware of a call to make a positive difference, but don’t know how
• aware of strong intuitive experiences and needing to find a way to get a handle on it
• facing a significant change in their life, causing sensitivity overload and overwhelm
• feeling stuck in their life situation, unable to turn things around despite good efforts
• or already on their path and looking for support along the way.

Is that you?

It doesn’t have to be a lonely road.

I offer to walk alongside you for the duration, to help you find your own best possible answers, your own unique way to turn things around, one step at the time.

Together, you can make it happen.

Let's do it 


Workshops and Courses

Meet your tribe whilst learning new skills in a relaxed, supportive setting.

Make Connections


Quality time tailor made for you. Together we look in-depth at your challenges, translate them into goals and find creative solutions to unlock the door to your success.

Get Back on Track


Read my Blog. Information and news about my work. Updated regularly.

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