Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink,


In every being lives a seed of wildness, a spark of the Divine, which wishes to be acknowledged, nurtured and expressed, so it can take its rightful place in the big scheme of things."


Bluebells in Llanerchaeron © Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink

What inspires me

My biggest inspiration is, and always has been, the beauty and magic of the natural world.

Nant-yr-Arian © Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink

Today, I live with my husband in the rugged beauty of coastal West Wales, where I love to have long walks, or just simply sit quietly and melt into the landscape.

How it all started

I am by nature sensitive, intuitive and open to other worlds, a natural dreamer.

I used to equate this with overwhelm, especially in groups and crowds; to not fitting in, feeling restless, having to hide and numb my true nature.

Through life’s experiences and with the help of amazing teachers, I learned how to find and step into my place, to embrace my natural gifts and to let them be a source of guidance, strength and inspiration, for myself and for others.

As a result, my life’s work has become to support people from all walks of life, who for their own reasons are feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed by life’s challenges, and help them to get back on track.

What I can do for you

20 years of professional experience combined with life experience in a wide variety of settings, enable me to :

• Listen deeply to you, on all levels, and witness all that you wish to bring, without judgement.
• Offer you a safe space where you can explore your own best possible answers to your questions and challenges and find your own unique way of doing things
• Walk alongside you for the duration, supporting you at every step of the way, holding you when things are tough and celebrating your successes.

When you are ready, I am here for you.


To have a kinesiology balance with Ingrid is to go on a healing journey with a very adept, skilful and dependable guide. In addition to her acute intuition and dexterity, Ingrid has a wealth of holistic skills which she draws upon to facilitate the healing work. I feel really at ease to fully trust her and her skilfulness, and so the healings that take place are very deep.
I can't recommend Ingrid highly enough.' B. Rose, Aberystwyth

© Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink

A few more things that float my boat

- Nice cup of tea and a biscuit
- Stories well told, either in person, in novels or films
- Gardening, with wildlife in mind
- Singing to rivers, streams, the sea, trees
- Cats in all shapes and sizes (and, yes, talking with them)
- Knitting, crochet, cross stitch
- Joe Bonamassa, Led Zeppelin, J.S. Bach
- Quality time with friends and family


- BSc Biology, specialising in Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Studies from the Universiteit Nijmegen
- Shiatsu diploma from School of Shiatsu Liverpool
- PGCPE (Post Graduate Certificate in Post 16 (adult) Education from John Moores University Liverpool
- Crystal and Sound Healing Diploma from Atlantis College
- Life Tracking Certificate from the School of Creative Kinesiology
- Creative Kinesiology Practitioner Diploma (Way of the Tracker)
- Sound Healing Certificate from Healing Sounds

Other things I have done:

Student psychiatric nurse (before moving to Britain); spiritual development group leader; teaching practical environmental skills; tai chi teacher; volunteer motorcycle instructor;

Professional Memberships

I am a member of and adhere to the codes of conduct from the following professional bodies and am committed to ongoing professional development.

- Creative Kinesiology Association
- Complementary Medicine Association
- Teacher member of Atlantis College
- Sound Healing Association

Let's do it