The Five Transformations
Balancing tips for sensitive, intuitive people

In both creative kinesiology and shiatsu, we work with the model of the 5 Transformations, also known as the Five Elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire). Each one represents aspects of the dynamics of how all life evolves and changes.
In this blog we will look at how the Earth phase can be affected in sensitive / intuitive people and we will look at a practical, easily applied way to stay ‘earthed’, even in difficult circumstances.
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Muscle Testing
Muscle Testing

The art of Muscle Testing

What is it and why bother?

‘Why do you bother with this muscle testing malarkey? Why don’t you just use your intuition?’ This is a question I get sometimes asked by creative kinesiology clients who know about my background as an intuitive and medium.
It is an interesting question, one I used to ask myself at the beginning of my training as a creative kinesiologist. Do I really need all that ‘stuff’ if I am trained and experienced in working with intuition and guidance?
In this blog we will take the first step in answering this question and take a look at what muscle testing is and why we use it in creative kinesiology.


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