'To have a kinesiology balance with Ingrid is to go on a healing journey with a very adept, skilful and dependable guide. I always emerge from a session with Ingrid feeling unburdened in some significant way and also changed in a very positive manner by what has been revealed. In addition to her acute intuition and dexterity, Ingrid has a wealth of holistic skills which she draws upon to facilitate the healing work. I feel really at ease to fully trust her and her skilfulness, and so the healings that take place are very deep. I can't recommend Ingrid highly enough.'
B. Rose, Aberystwyth

I was so pleased when a mutual friend re-introduced me to Ingrid after I had a debilitating accident at work and I certainly wouldn't be enjoying life as much as I am if I hadn't attended her inspiring kinesiology sessions. I am a new woman, I have a zest for life, I feel fit, healthy and have so much more energy. I'm no longer afraid to go out, socialise, meet new people or join in and participate, and amazingly, despite being on my own for 9 years I even found the courage to join a dating web site. My life has now been transformed with renewed confidence, the start of a new career, friendships and social groups and I have recently met the most wonderful man, which has been the icing on the cake for me and all because of Ingrid's kinesiology sessions. I couldn't have done it without you Ingrid. Thank you so much.
Katharine Saunders, Aberystwyth

"I am so happy to recommend Ingrid! Her sessions magically weave together a depth of experience, diversity of trainings and gentle kindness to make a safe space for the journey towards balance and healing. Thank you so much, Ingrid! Our sessions have really helped me shift into a more positive space with a deeper understanding of what was holding me in an old pattern. Your support in making the changes to keep me ‘on track’ has been invaluable."
Linda Winn, Gloucester

My husband and I can both heartily recommend the Creative Kinesiology Therapy offered by Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink. It is non-invasive, painless, and very effective. Ingrid herself is a beautiful person in all senses of the word and creative kinesiology is yet another string to her considerable bow of talents.
With her assistance one is helped to an understanding of the problem, be it physical or otherwise, and given practical suggestions as to how to remedy, ease or heal, as appropriate. In this way my husband was helped with an old complaint and I am sleeping better!
The beauty of this way of working is that the more intuitive the practitioner the better you will understand your own body/mind/self. In this Ingrid is exceptional; I can guarantee you will not regret working with her.
Mrs and Mr Jones, Llandysul

Feedback for teaching

“Ingrid is a very intuitive, sensitive and clear teacher. She knows and feels exactly what is needed. Her connection to the guidance is clear and strong. Everything she teaches is full of love, light and empowering for her student. I really loved to stay with Ingrid, she is such a beautiful and lightful soul!"
Verena K., Germany

I really enjoyed the workshop. The guided meditations were super and made you go home nice and relaxed. I feel that we were given a good foundation for working with crystals. I particularly found the part about healing very interesting and really useful in everyday life. There was a nice open and positive atmosphere and the information was delivered very clearly. It was also good to get the information on paper afterwards, so that you could refer back to it when needed. I am really glad I went to your workshop.
Anniek, the Netherlands.

It has been some time since I was able to attend your Tai Chi Class in Aberaeron. However, I found you to be a very dedicated teacher who understood her students needs very well. I always enjoyed the classes I was able to attend and hope I can join in again as we are currently hoping to move to West Wales.
Avril Gardner, Wales

I found the crystal workshops very interesting and also a beautiful experience. I love what it has done for the people attending. Whilst writing this I am aware that I am not working with stones at the moment. It is good to realise this and I will start applying what I learnt again.
Carin Knops, The Netherlands

I studied with Ingrid for some years in Southport learning Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditation and found Ingrid’s sensitive approach was supportive to students of all levels of experience and ability.The classes were well structured and interesting, very welcoming and provided a great learning environment.
As a professional lecturer myself I can recommend Ingrid Groot Zwaaftink to you as a very able teacher with in-depth subject knowledge and personal charisma.
Sue Phillips (Southport)