In the one-to-ones, you are given the support, encouragement and opportunity to discover and let go what no longer works for you and may be holding you back.

In a tailor-made process you will be able to gently reveal those parts of yourself that have been hidden, disconnected or which have left altogether and invite them to join in again. One step at the time, more and more of your inner resources can become available to you, helping you to remember and feel what you deeply care about and to enable you to put all your talents, experience and passion into creating the life you always knew you came here to live.

With the right support, you can find your strength and inspiration
in who you truly are, ‘warts and all’.
It is my intent to support you in your process, one step at the time, without judgement or pressure.


Creative Kinesiology

Get back on track
Creative Kinesiology is about discovering what wants to be heard and seen in the challenges you are facing and what needs to be done to restore balance. It is an invitation to deeply listen and witness what comes forward, without judgement or pressure, so enabling deep change to take place when the time is right.

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Zen Shiatsu 

Finding balance through deep relaxation

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing healing art that aims to support you in finding and maintaining balance within the circumstances of your life.

Zen Shiatsu was developed by Shizuto Masunaga, who combined traditional Shiatsu with western psychology and traditional Chinese medicine.

The central aspect of shiatsu is touch, which is the oldest form of healing. Just think about the first thing you instinctively do when you hurt yourself: You hold it. The touch of a shiatsu practitioner aims to be supportive and deeply relaxing, thereby facilitating access to the deeper layers of you where the body knows how to heal itself.

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How many sessions?

For Creative Kinesiology and Shiatsu, I usually advise to start with a series of 3 sessions. This will give your body the chance to get used to the work we do together and to allow that which you are asking support for, to unfold. After these initial sessions, we can assess your situation and, when desired, draw up a plan for further sessions.

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