Creative Kinesiology

Creative Kinesiology

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Creative Kinesiology is about discovering what wants to be heard and seen in the challenges you are facing and what needs to be done to restore balance. It is an invitation to deeply listen and witness what comes forward, without judgement or pressure, so enabling deep change to take place when the time is right.

The body is key in this. We listen to it through the language of muscle testing, a technique where gentle pressure is applied to an ‘indicator’ muscle, to see how this muscle responds. This gives valuable information about the energy flow and balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, allowing us to listen deeply to your whole being.

After all, this is your life. Why follow anyone else’s path?

By asking the right questions we can follow the muscle responses (tracking) to discover what is going on, what is stopping you from achieving your goals, on which level it can be accessed and how balance can be restored and grounded in the body. It is a chance to discover the unexpected and to notice the little things.
Creative Kinesiology offers a wealth of information, support and gentle, non-invasive techniques to help you make the shifts necessary to bring about your desired changes. Examples are working with meridians, acupuncture points, balancing ancestral and karmic influences, working with the Crystal Beings, Sacred Sound, releasing trauma from the body, balancing the brain, balancing giving and receiving, aura balancing, flower essences, nutrition and much more.
Because of its ability to access and work with information from your body on all levels, Creative Kinesiology can be helpful in effecting deep, lasting, positive change in many conditions and life challenges.
Please contact me if you wish to have a chat about how creative kinesiology can help you or to book your session.

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I was so pleased when a mutual friend re-introduced me to Ingrid after I had a debilitating accident at work and I certainly wouldn't be enjoying life as much as I am if I hadn't attended her inspiring kinesiology sessions. My life has now been transformed with renewed confidence, the start of a new career, friendships and social groups and I have recently met the most wonderful man, which has been the icing on the cake for me and all because of Ingrid's kinesiology sessions. I couldn't have done it without you Ingrid. Thank you so much.
K. Saunders, Aberystwyth