Zen Shiatsu 

Finding balance through deep relaxation

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing healing art that aims to support you in finding and maintaining balance within the circumstances of your life.

Zen Shiatsu was developed by Shizuto Masunaga, who combined traditional Shiatsu with western psychology and traditional Chinese medicine.

The central aspect of shiatsu is touch, which is the oldest form of healing. Just think about the first thing you instinctively do when you hurt yourself: You hold it. The touch of a shiatsu practitioner aims to be supportive and deeply relaxing, thereby facilitating access to the deeper layers of you where the body knows how to heal itself.

Working together, we address all aspects of you through the lens of the 5 elements, effecting change through wonderful gentle stretches, balancing the meridians and using the acupuncture points. Life-style and nutritional advice will also be given where needed and wished for.

Take good care of your body.
It is what carries you through life’s explorations.

Shiatsu is especially beneficial for stress-related and chronic conditions, offering a great source of support and nourishment.


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