Our Aim

Anima means Breath, Spirit, the mystery that animates life.

It is this mystery that inspires all of Anima’s work: The exquisite beauty of wildness, of the Divine Spark that shines when it can express itself freely in life.
Anima’s mission is to be a force for positive change in the way we live with ourselves, the Earth and all beings we share the Earth with.

Anima’s aim is to help us, human beings, remember the beauty of who we are, to re-connect with our true, wild nature, our Divine spark and freely express it in the world, in harmony with all life.



 Our Aim

Coming together to find
that which connects us all
The point from which we can draw
lines to others
Through which we can discover
and truly see them
And in their reflection find
our lost selves
Only to remember
that we are simply

is a profit-sharing organisation. This means that each year 10% of profits will be donated to organisations whose aims are in harmony with Anima’s aim. This aim finds its practical application in the courses and healing work Anima offers. Working with the magic of Creative Kinesiology, deeply relaxing Zen-shiatsu and the transformational power of Crystals and Sacred Sound, the courses, workshops and one-to-ones  aim to distil your very essence.

Whichever of Anima’s offerings you choose, you are invited, supported and encouraged to be all that you can and would love to be and to add your unique contribution to manifesting a human society whose decisions and actions reflect that we embrace being a loved, living, breathing part of our beautiful planet again.

For 2018 the organisation of choice is TreeSisters